Paul Dever State Mental Hospital Taunton, MA

I live in Maine so i'm a couple Hrs away from this Wonderfully SpOOky Playground

A Group of Us Visited on Sunday and i got some Cool Shots for my Blog Readers

A little Background on this Hospital

Description....Wriiten by a Visitor

This is an old state hospital for the mentally challenged. Most of it is deserted, but there are still a few buildings in use.

In the past, I was told it was used as a POW camp or a military base,

I'm not sure which. Either way its pretty cool

theres a bunch of old buildings and tunnels undergroud

linking the buildings

to one another. There is security, (used to be state troopers, but now it's just rent-a-cops.)

It's cool to go at night and explore the buidlings and tunnels.

If you're lucky, you just may get chased by the security,

which always makes it more interesting.

If you go, see if you can find the old indoor pool....

I found this info also

Strange lights and cries for help reported. Apparition of a Child between the ages of 13 and 15. Strange noises, things moving with nothing there. Overall creepy place. many buildings/underground tunnels to explore if willing to risk getting caught. Beware its very off limits now due to kids junking the place. No Trespassing is enforced

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~


Adsila said...

Great pictures. I envy you being able to see this place in person. I love the pictures and history of this old building.

Mrs. Katie said...

Incredible. I have a weird obsession with mental hospitals, especially creepy abandoned ones. These pics were like candy to me!

adelesspookyart said...

Thanks Adsila....I've got a Great Sis-in-law that sets up these adventures for the family...its one way for us to keep in touch...We did Medfield State Hospital last time...

Katie...I'm happy to Share my Photos with my Followers...I'm Happy to hear you enjoyed them