My Story pg 1


There is a Creepy old Abandoned House 
that sits out in front of our home
a wire fence separates it from ours
we are called the "Forest People"
because we live in the Ocala National Forest in Florida
and we rarely leave home
The folks around us are true Natives of this area
we are Transplants from The Deep Dark Woods of Maine
Our neighbors are mostly Good people
They are sorta friendly but don't trust outsiders
For some reason we fit right in here
it has become the Home i've always dreamed of
Black Bear come into our yard along with just about every other 
Woodland Creature
The area we live in is called "Hog Valley"
Most people ask Where To Hell is HOG VALLEY??
Years ago it was HELL Valley
We have heard stories from the Locals and our neighbors 
that would Chill most people to the bone
Its quite interesting living here
Most have hunting dogs and everyone has Guns
They make you aware of this fact everyday
I took this shot back in August of this year
just off our road on 160
He let us get pretty close....i did crop the photo a little

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

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