My Story pg.2

The Night before Thanksgiving we heard what sounded like kittens 
crying and then something getting attacked
coming from the "Creepy abandoned house"
that sits out in front of our property.....
So we grabbed our Flashlites and searched
around but couldn't find anything...
The next day (Thanksgiving)this scared kitten was crying on the other side
of the i guided her through...she was caught
in the tall weeds and grass...she was very scared but thankful

 Now we realize what we heard the night before.....
there were 2 kittens crying and now there was only one...
Some wild animal must of got her sibling...

Thinking back...The day before we had heard a car stop out on our road 
and take off  suddenly...They must of dropped off the kittens
We didn't see the car because our place sits back off the road a ways

Truthfully....I didn't want a Kitten....don't get me wrong....i love all animals
I just don't want the responsibility....I have a Parrot and she requires a lot of care
and i have had some health issues in the past few years...after open heart surgery that 
failed...I coded a few times and flatlined...A Special Dr. happened to show up and save me
I could hear off and on during that time....I heard the Dr's talking about me
loosing Oxygen and how if i survived i would be brain dead...I 've been asked 
if i left my body during this time....yes i did...i didn't relish the idea of coming back
i was in a coma for 2 weeks...
i will add more about this on My Story pg. 3
which i will be adding soon

She is a Girl Maine Coon
and i did fall in Love with her
so she's a new family member
I think her name will be Sybil due to her
mood swings..almost like split personality..she is one of the most unique 
cats i have ever met
and she is a surviver like me, i guess

Her eyes seem to have the ability to look into my Soul
She will sit and stare at me like this for quite awhile
What is she thinking....she's very mysterious...

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

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