Tilly Lives in Paris

Tilly Has Been SOLD 
and is now living her Dream in Paris
Tilly's Personality is revealing itself...
*She's a Sweet SpOOky Girl
*She is attracted to Creepy Stuff but it Scares the Daylights out of her
*She is French and Would like to Visit Paris
*She says "Ooh La La" Way to much
*Her Personality will become Clearer Once she settles in to her new home

Tilly is 16" including her Hat...She measures 12" when sitting
Her Face is hand painted....
She is made of muslin and stuffed with fiber
I inserted a **Flat Beach rock in her Bottom to give her just the right
balancing for sitting anywhere....even on the edge of a table
**(My Favorite Spot to hunt for Rocks, Sea glass and other Ocean offerings is
"Dark Shadows" Beach in Kennebunkport ME.) 
I don't use Patterns...So My Dolls Garments are made as i feel their
Spirit and Personality emerging...
My Dolls Create themselves through my Hands
I use Antique & Vintage Cloth, Trims, Millinery, Buttons, 
Scraps,Discarded odds & ends

Every doll i make is one of a kind and i will not reproduce it ....They are all unique....Imperfections faults, or blemishes in each doll such as paint brush strokes, Random odd Stitches are intentional....
Since each Doll has their own Personality...no molds are used...My Dolls are for display only.....Each one is delicate and needs to be handled with care....

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~


View her Here

View her Here
Tilly Lives in Paris

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