New Mermaid

Finished a Special Order
For a Special Lady

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

Life size Mermaid Painting

Flashback to 2009 
Life size Mermaid with Treasure Chest
The chest was actually a Vent Fan that needed 
to disappear cause it was butt ugly

I used arcylic paints on siding
SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

My Story pg.2

The Night before Thanksgiving we heard what sounded like kittens 
crying and then something getting attacked
coming from the "Creepy abandoned house"
that sits out in front of our property.....
So we grabbed our Flashlites and searched
around but couldn't find anything...
The next day (Thanksgiving)this scared kitten was crying on the other side
of the i guided her through...she was caught
in the tall weeds and grass...she was very scared but thankful

 Now we realize what we heard the night before.....
there were 2 kittens crying and now there was only one...
Some wild animal must of got her sibling...

Thinking back...The day before we had heard a car stop out on our road 
and take off  suddenly...They must of dropped off the kittens
We didn't see the car because our place sits back off the road a ways

Truthfully....I didn't want a Kitten....don't get me wrong....i love all animals
I just don't want the responsibility....I have a Parrot and she requires a lot of care
and i have had some health issues in the past few years...after open heart surgery that 
failed...I coded a few times and flatlined...A Special Dr. happened to show up and save me
I could hear off and on during that time....I heard the Dr's talking about me
loosing Oxygen and how if i survived i would be brain dead...I 've been asked 
if i left my body during this time....yes i did...i didn't relish the idea of coming back
i was in a coma for 2 weeks...
i will add more about this on My Story pg. 3
which i will be adding soon

She is a Girl Maine Coon
and i did fall in Love with her
so she's a new family member
I think her name will be Sybil due to her
mood swings..almost like split personality..she is one of the most unique 
cats i have ever met
and she is a surviver like me, i guess

Her eyes seem to have the ability to look into my Soul
She will sit and stare at me like this for quite awhile
What is she thinking....she's very mysterious...

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

My Story pg 1


There is a Creepy old Abandoned House 
that sits out in front of our home
a wire fence separates it from ours
we are called the "Forest People"
because we live in the Ocala National Forest in Florida
and we rarely leave home
The folks around us are true Natives of this area
we are Transplants from The Deep Dark Woods of Maine
Our neighbors are mostly Good people
They are sorta friendly but don't trust outsiders
For some reason we fit right in here
it has become the Home i've always dreamed of
Black Bear come into our yard along with just about every other 
Woodland Creature
The area we live in is called "Hog Valley"
Most people ask Where To Hell is HOG VALLEY??
Years ago it was HELL Valley
We have heard stories from the Locals and our neighbors 
that would Chill most people to the bone
Its quite interesting living here
Most have hunting dogs and everyone has Guns
They make you aware of this fact everyday
I took this shot back in August of this year
just off our road on 160
He let us get pretty close....i did crop the photo a little

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

Addy is Now in my Etsy Shop

~Addy Too-D~
Ok some outside shots
i'm sitting on this Stupid uncomfortable 
ugly yellow bike
Lets get this done Pa-leeze

Oh really...only 250 more Shots
You need some Photography addiction Therapy Girl!!

Come on....Take the Picture...I'm SOOO over with this Photo Shoot!!
You must of taken 300 Shots already

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

Earth to Simon

Earth to Simon has Been SOLD

 Earth to Simon

Memories of  Days Gone by....
Simon was a bit unusual....He would disappear for hours at a time
into his dads garage and when he emerged he would be sporting a 
Costume made from scraps he collected....He would get so Lost in his character 
that it seemed he left the Planet...Near Supper time you could hear his Mom
Calling .................."Earth to Simon!!"
*Simon is Sculpted from polymer clay without the use of molds.. 
*His Space Helmet is Removeable  and hides a Death Ray Underneath 
* it glows in the dark
*His Space gun is made after a 1950s Ray Gun called the Desintegrator 
*His clothing is hand cut without using any patterns and Hand Stitched
*His arms and legs are Gently Pose-able....
*He can Stand or Sit...10" tall
*He is signed and dated
Created by me....adelesspookyart
SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~


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*She has a nasty habit of chewing the stuffing out of her arm
*She's Brilliant but Crazy and she can't sit still
*Her energy level is high and can't sleep due to Imaginary thoughts
*She likes to cuddle but won't admit it
*Her Personality will become Clearer Once she settles in to her new home

Toxie was born near  a Nuclear Waste Dump which sits next to a Farm where
food was grown for a Baby Food Co.
Toxic Waste was stuffed into a Metal Barrel 50 yrs ago...It ate through and seeped into 
the surrounding area where she was born.....

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~