Dearly Departed Charlie

Some Ghost's of my Past

Charlie Has Arrived!!
As always with my "Dearly Departed Souls" I have
briefed "Charlie" on Ghostly etiquette and talked to him
about his new home.....Hopefully all will be Peaceful
and he will enhance his new surroundings....
But if not, there is a
.........NO RETURN Policy.......
Evil Laughter!!!!!

Charlie now Haunts his New Home


Designs By CK said...

LOVE these and you take the BEST pictures of your spooooky creations too!

Hope you are having a nice week!

Chris (-:

Anonymous said...

I soooo love this blog! I think I've already told you, but it's just that I think I need to tell you that again..The pictures...ah! <3

adelesspookyart said...

Chris & Thrice,
Ah Gee, Thanks!...

Love to make your day a bit SpOOky


vintagepaletteart said...

Hi Adele! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Love Charlie and all your other spooky creations too! =o)

Happy Haunting!

adelesspookyart said...

Many Thanks to all!....SpOOky Friends