Fairy Fun

~~~This Is My Fairy~~~
My fairy is called Moth Willowfilter
She is a caster of weird dreams.
She lives close to crystal caverns and stalagtite grottos.
She is only seen on midsummer's eve.
She collects crystals to wear on her dresses. She has delicate green coloured wings like a cicada.


The Whimsical Goblin said...

Like I said... I like the description of your fairy :)

adelesspookyart said...

Thank you....Your Fairy is Very Cool Too!!

Designs By CK said...

COOL! ~ Here's mine: (LOL)'-)

Your fairy is called Thorn Hailglow
She is a protector of the lonely.
She lives in brambles and blackberry bushes.

She is only seen in the light of a full moon.

She wears purple and green like berries and leaves. She has cheery turquoise wings like a butterfly.

adelesspookyart said...

Love your Fairy...I like the part..."protector of the lonely"...i think that's special and meaningful...~adele~

Designs By CK said...

I agree and it feels like me!

I loved it SO much I added it to my SpOOky CK blog store.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

Me (-:

Anonymous said...
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