I took my Mom to Gulfport Mississippi to visit her sister...She knows i love Creepy Dolls so she brought back this SpOOky Little Spirit....Poor Lost Soul made it thru Hurricane Katrina all by herself....I adopted her and She is now residing with me..


Diane said...

she's awesome!

Mr.Macabre said...

That looks like a doll that you would find locked in a glass case with a dire warning not to open it.
Wonderfully creepy!

Designs By CK said...

The EYES are spooooooooooky!

mE (-'

adelesspookyart said...

Thanks Diane, Mr Macabre and Chris

Her eyes are kinda strange and piercing....She is a SpOOky one!!!

Creepy Dreams my Friends


Skellyton Art said...

Ah and the stories she could tell!

What a find! She is great!