Earth to Simon..death Ray Gun toting Strange Doll with Glow in Dark Helmet

Earth to Simon

Memories of Days Gone by
Simon was a bit unusual....He would disappear for hours at a time
into his dads garage and when he emerged he would be sporting a handmade
Costume made from scraps he collected....

He would get so Lost in his character
that it seemed he left the Planet...Near Supper time you could hear his Mom
Calling .................."Earth to Simon!!"
*Simon is Sculpted from polymer clay without the use of molds..
*His Space Helmet is Removable and hides a Death Ray Underneath
* it glows in the dark
*His Space gun is made after a 1950s Ray Gun called the Desinagrater
*His clothing is hand cut without using any patterns and Hand Stitched
*His arms and legs are Gently Pose-able....
*He can Stand or Sit...10" tall
*He is signed and dated
Created by me....Liz adele Healey

    SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

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