Sneak Peak!!

Here's a Peak at My Newest Project
Stay Tunned for More Progession Pictures


The Frog Queen said...

Are you making a cemetery!!! Oh, I hope so!! It looks like it might be!! :)

I can hardly wait to see it!!


Designs By CK said...

I agree...looks like a cemetery! '-)

Looking forward to the reveal.

Hope you are having a nice week Adele.

PS: Glad you still enjoy your visits to my blog.

mE (-:

Diane said...

i am terribly excited to see how this goes!!

adelesspookyart said...

You Both are correct...It "is" a Cemetery....A "Special" Cemetery...It is a "Pet Cemetery"

SpOOky Dreams my Friends


Anonymous said...

oh my Adele! this is so beautiful! once I did one at school and ..well..I ended up being the weirdo, lol.

KeKe said...

I cant wait to see :)