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Pet Cemetery

These are some of the research photos used while Creating the Pet cemeteryThe last of the Photos show the completed project

Partially enclosed by a white picked fence this Tiny Graveyard stands close by the Southeasterly side of the Long abandoned "Bean Road" to Mount Hope, about a quarter of a mile from the Highway on the Northerly end....It is evident that several families buried their animals in this cemetery
This Small burying ground has graves of various animals including
a Pot Belly Pig...a Parakeet....a Kitty...Dogs...and a Snake
The epitaphs are unique and Humorous and touching
Click on photo to enlarge and read the Grave Markers

SpOOky Dreams my Friends...

Pet Cemetery Finished

I Changed a little here and there...The SpOOky tree, cat and crow have glow in the dark eyes...I will be listing on Ebay Sunday Eve and will post a link to the auction..

Pet Cemetery update

We've been working on the Pet Cemetery most of the day today...just doing some finishing touches and it'll be done...

We did take a little time off to take a cruise to Kennebunkport...Got some shots of the Wedding Cake House and some other Not lacking in Amazing Architectural Wonder Homes....

Oh yeah, Click on the Pics to enlarge and i will post more photos soon...

Pet Cemetery update

We made a walkway with paw prints...finished a few grave markers...I'll be working on the ground cover and tree tomorrow

Pet Cemetery update

I painted the entrance...Kev sculpted a Pet Kitty, a crow to sit on top of the sign and a shovel....I made a list of "Dearly Departed" Pet names and did some work on the Grave markers

Pet Cemetery

Here's a Couple more Photos...I'm going to work on some names of the Dearly Departed Animal Occupants along with a few sculptures...I will add some more photos soon...

Sneak Peak!!

Here's a Peak at My Newest Project
Stay Tunned for More Progession Pictures