More Optical Illusions

So you see a cat, big deal
But if you move back
from your screen,
you will see a completely different animal?!
In order to see the photo
in it’s other form,
back away from your screen.
Do you see the illusion now?...
Think Easter

Stare at this animation for 40 seconds, and concentrate on the black spot.
After some time, the image will switch automatically (since it’s 2 frame animation),
and show you black and white photo of a Pyramid in Egypt.
Because of the special effect, originally invented by John Shadowsky,
you will see a full color photo of the Pyramid instead black and white
one that shows up.
Don’t believe me? See for your self!

Do you find that black spots appearing? How many black dots can you count? This illusion is a classical one and originally discovered by Elke Lingelbach.

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~


iZombie said...

okay those are officially the coolest ones i have seen the black dots are following me now... i am afraid.

Adsila said...

I do love these. I awarded you with a Hug-a-Blogger award:

adelesspookyart said...

Thank you Adsila...Its always nice to get noticed...

Thanks iZombie....Sorry about the Dot attack...

iZombie said...

my eyes, my eyes... i am blind!