The Winston Churchill Hollow Face Illusion... Creepy, SpOOky

The Winston Churchill Hollow Face Illusion
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Since i'm always attracted to Creepy, SpOOky items here's One of My Favorite Possessions that i'm parting with
The Hollow Face Illusion is one of the most amazing optical illusions i have come across.
It is made from a very strong plastic (opal styrene) and is virtually unbreakable. The mask can be stood up in a window and the whole face seems to follow you as you move around the room. Truly, an amazing illusion... Richard Dawkins mentions this illusion in his recent book 'The God Delusion.'
How does it work? Well, when we 'see' something, our view of the world has been processed by our brain. And our brain 'knows' that a face is convex, not concave, so that is the way we see it. When we move, the face does not move in the way that a convex face would move, so our brain comes up with a different explanation, and we see the face move, following us wherever we go!
The mask is 43cm high and 31cm wide.
The BBC television programme QI, hosted by Stephen Fry, recently featured the Einstein Mask from this series

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

This is Lizzie....She lost her former owner many yrs ago and i rescued her from her empty, lonely world


Since i'm making a big change in my life i need to Majorly Downsize so i'm selling 90% of my belongings along with lots of unique items i've collected over the years...Lizzie being one of my most Favorite and Precious possessions.

Lizzie agreed to go live with a special Person who would enjoy listening to her stories from long ago
She is a Special Girl and she might tell you about her accident which caused a crack in her head

Her clothes are old, Delicate and worn
she has a slip, pantaloons and leather boots under her dress which has a few stains on it

HAUNTED Ghostly Head in an Old Victorian Hat...Creepy Ghost Spirit Ebay listing Creepypasta

HAUNTED Ghostly Head in an Old Victorian Hat...Creepy Ghost Spirit

**Comments on this hat from Ebay**

Q: interesting hat. I love hats especially old ones like this one, but having lived in a haunted house in NH, I would not purchase anything that might bring the most horrible times in my life back. It almost looks as if it has the face of a doll. Good Luck. I'm sure with all the paranormal people out there you'll sell it. Unless you have lived it, people are so big on things like this. Sincerely, Savvygrl15Jul-08-15
A: I understand how your feel....When i was a young girl our family lived in a place in Compton Caliifornia that was Haunted....We had some intense things Happen...I could write a Book on that place...It was owned by a Fortune Teller and i assume she used a Ouija Board to open a door to the other World...I found Dead birds all over the yard daily....I would bury them as i found them and make little grave markers for them....I couldn't begin to yell you all the Crazy Stuff that happened there....This Hat i have listed is actually just the lining casting what looks like a face but it IS Creepy Looking...I've never used a Ouija Board...That's a No No for me

Dear oldefrostfarmcuriosities,

I bought an old farmhouse in NH. It was abandoned for about 3 years. had not water no heat, it was structurally good and had land. I walked into it and fell in love with it and bought it. Before I moved in I had water put in the house and baths, and heat and didn't really do much with the floor plan but fixed the plastered walls, and shored up the granite basement, but my plumber wouldn't work there alone. He said someone was always watching him. I just said with ghosts you have to be firm and let them know your there to do a job that's all. 

We didn't start having problem until the winter of that year. We moved in June and had a great summer. But during a pretty bad snowstorm in that December, we went to bed about 11pm and I woke up to hearing music.
I thought my husband was downstairs watching TV as he did sometimes when he couldn't sleep, well my husband was right there next to me in the bed. So I got up and went to the top of the stairs and we had doors to all our rooms so the stairway had a door to the living room and one to the dining room. I could see green lights coming from under the door to the living room and what I heard was like and old radio show from the 30s. So I got right back into bed and put the covers up over my head. Asked my husband if he heard anything weird and he said he had hear like an old radio show at times. So we both heard it. And we though it was sort of funny. But from there it just got worse and worse and worse. I had someone come in and sage the house and it help a lot. Had no activity for about 3 months, but then it came back worse. Sometimes I think these paranormal people just make the spirits angry. Oh I believe in evil
Everything went wrong in that house it destroyed a 35 year marriage. I got sick, had a stroke in it, that was the last of it. So many horrible things happened before the stroke but I had to move then. I wanted to write a book but my stroke left me disabled. Thanks for your story 

- savvygrl15

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~
Little Katie has left for her new home
Happy Haunting my Dear Katie

Dearly Departed 
   ~Little Katie~

* Sweet Lil Katie is only 4" tall
* Handsculpted from polymer clay
* She is jointed and pose-able
* Her Costume is handstitched using antique lace and cloth

* She comes in a Coffin box with Velvet Pillow

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~