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Earth to Simon

Earth to Simon has Been SOLD

 Earth to Simon

Memories of  Days Gone by....
Simon was a bit unusual....He would disappear for hours at a time
into his dads garage and when he emerged he would be sporting a 
Costume made from scraps he collected....He would get so Lost in his character 
that it seemed he left the Planet...Near Supper time you could hear his Mom
Calling .................."Earth to Simon!!"
*Simon is Sculpted from polymer clay without the use of molds.. 
*His Space Helmet is Removeable  and hides a Death Ray Underneath 
* it glows in the dark
*His Space gun is made after a 1950s Ray Gun called the Desintegrator 
*His clothing is hand cut without using any patterns and Hand Stitched
*His arms and legs are Gently Pose-able....
*He can Stand or Sit...10" tall
*He is signed and dated
Created by me....adelesspookyart

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~


                                                            Monster from under my Bed

                                    I sculpted Mortimer from memories of years gone by...
                                          He was the Evil one that lurked under my bed...
                               When the lights went out i would hear rustling and creepy giggles.... 
                                                         Mortimer ruled the Night....
                              My bed no longer has a frame so it sits right on the floor..
                                     Mortimer needs a Bed to slip under...Maybe Yours??

I sculpted him from polymer clay...His body is Pose-able...I stitched his clothing from vintage scraps...He stands 10" tall...He is One of a Kind

Mort and Family Complete and Heading to JAPAN

Working on a New Mort and Family.... They will be Heading to a Collector in Japan when Complete

Mort now has Hands & Feet....Watch out Tater! Your in Harms Way
Mort Wrapped with Cotton Batting

Mort's first coat of paint
SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

Eugene's Electrical Experiment

Memories of a Crazy Nerdy Kid from my School Days....
Man was he STRANGE
He conducted a Evil Experiment on his Pet Hamster "Sidney"
his eyes bugged out of his head...His fur singed and fell out...
and his tongue still hangs out the side of his mouth...paralyzed
~~~Sidney barely Survived~~~~~

Eugene's Electrical Experiment..New in my Etsy Shop

Eugene and Sidney are Sculpted from polymer clay without the use of molds.. 
Eugene's clothing is hand cut without using any patterns and Hand Stitched
He is signed and dated

His arms and legs are Gently Pose-able....
He can Stand or Sit...10" tall
Eugene and Sidney Sold within 2 Hrs 
of listing him in my Etsy Shop
I'll Miss this Crazy Guy
I Get quite attached to my Creations
 Safely Packed up and ready to Travel

Secured in a Handmade Box
SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

Ghost of Grace and Baby Rose

Grace and Rose are sculpted from polymer clay...
Grace has a wire Skeleton Frame Body which allows her to be posed in many ways... 
her arms and legs can be gently posed...
She can sit, stand and hold things like little Rose....
Rose has solid clay arms and legs that are jointed so she can be posed also.....
Grace is  12" tall and Little Rose is about 3"
I designed and made their clothes from antique and Vintage Materials
Grace And Baby Rose Have been SOLD
Goodbye Sweet Girls...I will Miss you Both
SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

Alice May & Adelard Frost

*About Alice May & Adelard Frost *
5" tall(1"Scale)
Hand sculpted without molds...
Hand stitched clothing..
Cotton wrapped wire skeleton body..
Pose-able arms and legs..
They can be displayed hanging on wall or sitting on shelf..
Wooden distressed Coffin box

Till Death do We Part

Below is Dearly Departed Ezra

Alice May & Adelard Frost have been SOLD