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Antique Perfume Stopper Glass

In my Etsy Shop....
They are very old and have an interesting story to tell...Unearthed at an old glass factory in Germany by a man who digs up these treasures in his spare time....His words below

There had been 3 very famous manufactories in Thuringia, Germany. Lauscha: glass.
Katzh├╝tte: glaced dolls. Sonneberg: bisque dolls.
All of them had produced items from approximately 1850-1940 for many other good known
label factories in the world. For example: the original Rose O´Neill Kewpie was produced in
These are old glass perfume stoppers..They were dug up from the bone yard of the old Lauscha glass Factory in Germany and are original.

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Unearthed from German Soil

SpOOky Creepy Eerie Souls...Dearly Departed Spirits from 100 Plus Years

I love the History of where they came from...This man i purchased them from digs them up on weekends at the old Factory in Thuringia Germany...Poor Lost Souls...He gives them life and new meaning..
They are very cool dolls and very photogenic..

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