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A painting i did when there was a Severe outbreak of Tornado's in the Midwest during the Summer...I felt so emotional.....So many Good People Lost their homes and they needed to restart their this painting is from my Heart and Dedicated to Anyone whom has suffered such a loss...2012 ushered in Hateful weather...Stay Strong "Rebuild" like our little feathered Friends


SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

Birds and Fish don't Grow on Trees

My mind and Heart had been directed toward the Loss of many innocent Creatures in the Gulf disaster....
Birds and Fish don't grow on Trees....The only "BP" they need is
 "Better Protection"

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SpOOky Dreams my Friends...~adele~

Alice in Wonderland Painting...Sneek Peek

Work in progress

SpOOky Dreams my Friends...
~adele~ A Comment From a Good Blogger Friend who is no longer with us....I sure do miss you... Jonty said... Very very clever using the background colors for the cheshire cat so it has that 'transparent' look to it. Looks great so far keep it up will look fantastic when done. You definitely have a talent for creating scenic eye catching backdrops whilst also keeping lots of activity in the foreground without 'clashing' & creating confusion. A trick many painters have trouble with lol. March 30, 2010 at 6:07 PM

WIP.....The Wall

This one is for my Son "Zip"
I re-purposed an old framed painting i found at a flea market...painted it all black then based it with white...i'm going to blend "The Wall" and "Dark Side of the Moon" from Pink Floyd into one....i'll add more photos as i work on it

SpOOky Dreams my Friends...
Progress 2-6


New Painting

I just finished "Queen of the Sea" this morning...It's larger that i usually do...20x30...I recycled a canvas that i found at a flea market...
SpOOky Dreams my Friends...

Mermaid on cloth

Painting a Mermaid on gesso primed muslin cloth with acrylic paints...If you've never tried painting on cloth give it a try...i enjoyed it...Click on photos for larger view....