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Skeletons in your Haunted Closet

To say that someone has skeletons in their closet means that they have done something in the past that they don't want other people knowing about. It does not necessarily mean that what they did was illegal or immoral, but it could. In general, it is something that would hurt their reputation. It refers to murdering someone and storing their dead body / skeletons in your closet. Saying "keep your skeletons in your closest" is a way of saying "I don't want to hear about things you've done in the past that could hurt your reputation" .. or simply "keep your secrets to yourself".
I'm sure you have seen these
fun skelly's out for sale
They have
Amazing Detail
They measure almost 6 inches tall
The perfect size for your Haunted Dollhouse
or SpOOky scenes
As you can see in the photos
you can add hair or decaying clothing like i did
just a bit of glue and scraps will do the trick
They pose nicely
SpOOky Dreams my Dear Friends
Evil Laughter inserted here..... 

Below are Some Eerie Samples of
how i used these Skeletons

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~