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Wanna Hear a SpOOky Ghost Story?

Sent in by Mandy, Copyright 2008
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Ghost Woman In White
November 10, 2008

I am now 20 years old and I experienced the most terrifying thing in my life like 16 years ago. I was 4 years old and me and my elder brother were sleeping in the same room but in two different beds.

I remember I was quite insomniac and used to sing a song to myself until I fell asleep every night. I used to sing the Walt Disney’s comics’ songs :)

One night I could not fall asleep and it was around 3 AM and I was singing and I suddenly started hearing a humming in the room. My brother had already fell asleep at that time. I started feeling scared and stopped singing my stupid songs and tried to listen if it was my brother who wanted to scare me. I then went under the blanket and the humming was still being heard. I slipped just a few inches out of the blanket and I was frozen at the sight of a very tall woman, in white with a very long pony tail, standing next to my brother’s bed and playing with his hair. Oh I forgot to mention that when I was under the blanket, I called out for my brother and he didn’t answer me.

Back to the story. I was petrified, horrified or whatever you want to call it. I suddenly felt that I couldn’t breathe out of fear and I started crying and I couldn’t dare call for my parents because I was so scared if the woman would notice me. I went under the blanket, weeping my heart out and fell asleep. I swear I was not dreaming.

The next day I told my parents what happened and mum told me that it’s because I don’t sleep on time and because I’m tired or whatever, she was making up a theory with me just to make me believe that I was hallucinating.

Anyway, one day, about a month later, my grand ma came to my house and I overheard a conversation concerning what happened that night. Mum said ” Mandy saw her”. I was shocked and wanted to hear more. I then went into the lounge where they were sitting and started asking more about it. They asked me to go and play but I started crying. My grand me then took me to her place to spend a few days. I forgot a bit about what happened and came back home after 2 weeks.

One day about 5 years ago, I raised the conversation again with my mum and told me that it was MOST PROBABLY the ghost of my brother’s babysitter who died of breast cancer. She loved my brother a lot and vice versa. I was shocked but relieved at the same time as I finally came to know that she just wanted to look after him.

After that day, I really didn’t care about what people were saying concerning my experience as I heard lots of ” you were dreaming” but I know I was not.

Well I think it’s now too long and don’t want to bore you more but I swear all what I said is true and I still remember that night as if it was yesterday.