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Shrunk to a Molecule

This was one of my Favorite Rides at Disneyland
I was so sad when it closed

Adventure Thru Inner Space opened in Disneyland in 1967 as part of the New Tomorrowland project. It occupied the space that previously housed the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea walk-through and the Monsanto Hall of Chemistry. It closed in 1986. The space is now occupied by Star Tours.

Adventure Thru Inner Space
Presented by Monsanto
Step into an Atomobile and be prepared to be “miniaturized!”

While waiting in line, you see other guests enter one end of the Mighty Microscope, appear near the opposite end only a few inches tall, and finally disappear entirely. Now it’s your turn.

Your Atomobile—similar to a Haunted Mansion “Doom Buggy”—takes you on a journey into the world of molecules and atoms.

* After passing through the Mighty Microscope, you’re shot into giant snowflakes.

* You continue to shrink, allowing you to enter the crystalline structure.

* You find yourself in a sea of enormous H2O molecules.

* Electrons are now spinning around you!

* You’ve penetrated the wall of an oxygen atom.

* Finally, you face directly into the glowing nucleus of the atom.

* As the snowflake melts, you finally begin get larger again. You’re back on
* Eyeball photoLook up! You’re being watched through a microscope.

Your journey ends in the Monsanto display area, featuring the bouncy theme song “Miracles from Molecules” by Robert and Richard Sherman—the team responsible for the music for It’s a Small World.

Disney Pics

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Signed Prints 4 sale at Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror
Cool Art Store Downtown Disney

Disney Pics

Here's my First Batch of Disney Photos as Promised
The Witch's are for you Chris.......

Toy Story Midway Mania is a family attraction that allows guests to use toy cannons to shoot objects via a 3D projection in a series of midway carnival games. In the attraction, guests enter an area designed to look like the Pixar Studios campus of Emeryville, CA where the toys from the Toy Story films have just discovered the latest toy that Andy has received and start to play with it. Andy has received a midway carnival game and leaves for the day and when Andy leaves, the toys come to life and start playing and there are so many toys that they flow out of the Pixar building (the Pixar building being the building where the Toy Story films "live") and you as the guest are shrunk down to the size of a toy as you enter the queue and are instantly no taller than the electrical outlet that runs along Andy's bedroom wall. Inside the queue, you will find a cavalcade of classic toys, many of which older guests will identify with from their own youth while younger guests will recognize many brands that still exist today, such as Candy land, Monkeys in a Barrel, Battleship and Chutes & Ladders. The highlight of the queue being an interactive Mr. Potato Head audio-animatronic that can sing, talk and move much of his body and perform some very amazing feats unseen by other audio animatronics to date.

The actual ride puts guests into ride vehicles that swiftly move guests in front of giant screens where guests put on their 3D glasses and use their cannons to shoot targets on the screen. Gameplay was designed by Disney Imagineers to cater to the skill level of anyone and guests who aren't adept at video games will find the game adjusting to their skill level while advanced gamers (or at least those who re-ride quite a bit) will find the game becoming a bit more difficult. The game begins with a training game (worth no points) and is meant to acclimate guests to how the game works. Very quickly guests are whisked off to play a series of four games that feature different Toy Story characters coupled with different game types such as ring toss, dart throws, baseballs and even egg toss. After each game guests can track on their onboard screen their overall score, their score for the round they just completed and their accuracy level. The game is more than just shooting targets as some targets trigger special effects (such as water being sprayed at the guests or wind being blow) as well as including secret targets that create big point opportunities and thrown into the mix are some fun Toy Story film references.

terror tower

Entrance to Tower of Terror at Disney Worlds MGM...My son Begged me to go on this ride with him and like a Fool i did...LOL...actually, it was quite Fun