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Addy is Now in my Etsy Shop

~Addy Too-D~
Ok some outside shots
i'm sitting on this Stupid uncomfortable 
ugly yellow bike
Lets get this done Pa-leeze

Oh really...only 250 more Shots
You need some Photography addiction Therapy Girl!!

Come on....Take the Picture...I'm SOOO over with this Photo Shoot!!
You must of taken 300 Shots already

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~



*She has a nasty habit of chewing the stuffing out of her arm
*She's Brilliant but Crazy and she can't sit still
*Her energy level is high and can't sleep due to Imaginary thoughts
*She likes to cuddle but won't admit it
*Her Personality will become Clearer Once she settles in to her new home

Toxie was born near  a Nuclear Waste Dump which sits next to a Farm where
food was grown for a Baby Food Co.
Toxic Waste was stuffed into a Metal Barrel 50 yrs ago...It ate through and seeped into 
the surrounding area where she was born.....

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

Finished Today...Lydia


Lydia is One of a Kind...She is a mix of Victorian, Steampunk and a bit of SpOOky Goth

Lydia is 22" including her Hat...She measures 12" when sitting
Her Face is handpainted....
She is made of muslin and stuffed with fiber
I made her outfit from Vintage, Cloth and Lace...
She's wearing Handmade Vintage Shoes
I Made her Hat using handmade Millinery Flowers, lace and Beads
Her Googles and Hat are removeable
Her hair is Tibetan Mohair
She comes with her Tiny 4" Ghost Doll which is sculpted from Polymer clay
with jointed arms and legs...Her name is Lyndi

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

Steampunk Dahlia Doll


  Dahlia's Packing up her Googles and Heading for my Etsy Shop Today!!

View Dahlia Here

Keep Scrolling Down

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

Dahlia Steampunk Doll WIP

Dahlia picked out a few more trimmings she would like me to use on her Costume...She's really quite picky but she has good taste...Soooo i will add these to the works and see what i come up with...I finished her Googles...She's modeling them....
She is really quite excited to take the Stage in our Etsy Shop Soon

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~