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Full Sleeve Haunted Mansion Tattoo

This is an update of Kevs Haunted Mansion Full Sleeve Tattoo
Click photo for larger View

SpOOky Dreams my Friends... ~adele~

Haunted Mansion Tattoos Full Sleeve Finished

My Hubby's Full Sleeve Finished...Haunted Mansion Theme...All Ink by Chad Chase....Owner of Venom Ink Sanford Maine...As you can see his artwork is amazing..
Now on to the Next arm....

SpOOky Dreams my Friends...~adele~

Haunted Mansion Tattoo for Kev

Kev got more done on the Haunted Mansion yesterday...It's coming out awesome!!
Next will be the Hitchhiking ghosts leading up the walkway....

Creepy Leota Tatoo!!

Kevin is getting the Haunted Mansion theme tattooed on his arms...this one is from a photo of me...he wanted to put me in Leota's Ball...He got this part done yesterday..he's going back in a couple weeks to get creepy hands reaching around both sides and the footed stand for the crystal ball...Then he's getting the Haunted Mansion on his upper arm with the hitchhiking ghosts...The Tatoo has a reflection due to the healing cream...